Employee Recreation:

The burden of maintaining a work-life balance in the modern world is becoming increasingly more challenging. The pressure to achieve targets at office and the obligation to spend quality time with family is taking its toll on today’s working professionals. Employment is no longer just about a 10–7 job.

Employees are probably the most important resource and asset for any organisation and the growth of an organisation reaches is directly related to the amount and quality of work put in by them. This high quality and amount of work, in turn, is directly related to employee’s satisfaction with their work and their social life within the workspace.

Regular team bonding and unwinding session are organised to provide the much-needed relief. Quarterly team lunches, cultural evenings like annual program provide each individual an opportunity to socialise and bond with colleagues within the organisation.

Rewards & Recognition:

How we motivate our fellow associates, governed by designing employee R&R programs. These programs are best way to say “Thank You”, furthermore, these appreciation are small note that create sea of happy faces, energetic workforce. Better-recognized employees stay put for longer time and contribute to productivity of Business.

newAmps also celebrate success using various category of rewards and recognition.

Based on client feedback and performance we handsomely rewarded the Star Performers with Star Performer Award and have a category, named as New Comer Award for fresher.

The R&R activities can help break the ice and promotes sense of excitement and vibrancies in the employees. This in turn keeps the workforce happy and a positive vibe follows among colleagues, which results in a healthy work environment.

Performance Assessment:

Performance assessment is broadly segregates into “what we do”, “how we do” and “what we obtain”. The list of certain criteria and scoring scheme assess every employee by reporting manager.Goals achieved in project, process or both compare with the expectation and desire, this process continues for formative feedback.

newAmps evaluates the performance of all employees based on the following factors. These are

  • Timely Delivery
  • Sound Interpersonal Skill
  • Regular Reporting Cycle
  • Ability to Lead
  • Cross training in Technology Up gradation
  • Initiatives taken in Other Organizational Activities

Among the various other things that we do for our employees, we recommend corrective actions post evaluation and monitoring.

Employee Competency Development:

Employees are core strength for any organization. While we assess the current competency level of the employee and at the same time, we aware of the required competency level positions. We try to bridge competency gap using Training and development programs. We design programs to nurture rare skills such as “Integrating Qlik with R”, “Building Reports and Cockpits in Spago”, “Learn Hive and Pig analysis” and “Perform Data Mining using R”.

While we horn various business intelligence tools like Spago BI, Power BI, QlikSense, R etc. and Big data technologies such as Hive and Pig to our employees, we always encourage them to create materials and sample project using the knowledge that gained from in-house training. As employee’s actions and behaviours, at large extent, affect the organizational success. Therefore, we have consistent focus on inter-personal skill development.

In addition, we organise a personality development program at regular interval for self-development of our employees. All the programs are designed keeping the ultimate business objective in mind. Moreover, that results in enhanced productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and effective leadership transitions.