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nexCitizen is built for Municipalities on OroPrise (an US based Smart City conglomerate) solution which caters into B2B as well as B2C. Platform being developed to focus on primary segment of TAX collection by municipal bodies and second is to manage complaints.

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Trade License

Property Tax

Building Plan

Building Completion Certificate

Hoarding and Advertisement

Complaint Management

Mutation Certificate

Water Supply

Waste Management

Health Camp

  • Survey of the locality
  • Personal and commercial survey
  • Alerts and Notifications on Commercial Banner and after expiry of contract
  • Parking management and collection
  • Garbage collection and distribution
  • Property tax collection and Notification
  • Birth and Death certificate issue
  • Health camp management
  • Pay your tax and get notified on App
  • Alerts and Notification before prior visit of Collection Agent to your doorsteps

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