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Nex-mforce is Enterprise product that help to manage and track Secondary Sales. This helps in tracking regular sale activities carried out by sales representative on a real time basis. Company owner can track Industry Agent, Distributor and Retailer. Summarised synopsis of Order received and delivered and take appropriate action on those order i.e., either approve or reject orders. View Item returned due to damage or other reason and mange stock. Assign Targets to Industry agent and Distributor and thereby, managing their listing. Separate dashboard for Admin, Industry Agent, Distributor and Retailer. The solution give visibility into individual productivity and platform provide avenue to initiate corrective measures when required.


Distributor / Industry Agent / Retailer

  • Distributor, Industry Agent and Retailer can be configured at locality / market level
  • Admin can view and add privilege warehouse stock / view unsaleable warehouse stock (Damage stock)
  • Distributor and Industry agent use mobile app though all users have web view by default

Opening Stock/Dispatches

  • Both Industry Agent and Distributor can see warehouse balance. Distributor can authorise order and track delivery. Also, he can track orders given to its retailers and manage their return orders.
  • Company can track the details of product dispatched to Distributor, Industry Agent and Retailer.

Secondary Sale Tracking

  • After order is approved by distributor, the Order is dispatched to Retailer. Admin can get secondary sales data i.e., order given to Retailer and stock with Retailer.
  • After order is approved by Industry Agent, the Order is dispatched to Distributor. Though at this point, you may add new distributor. This provision i.e., to add new retailer is present with both Distributor and Industrial Agent. Admin can track Distributor orders and even add new orders to Distributor and Retailer.

Item and category

Admin reserves right to create Item and category to which the item belongs to and has ability to change Item rate when required in future to handle price changes

Unsaleable Stock

Batch number for Products has been entered to get Price, Manufacture date and expiry date. This tracking is widely useful for removing expired products from available stock.

Sales / Damage Return

Company get two separate listing of Items returned due to damage and normal return. Item returned can be uploaded manually or via bulk upload from Industry Agent and Distributor.

Location Tracking

Salesman may choose not to visit retailer, so for company, admin has to understand the availability of salesman on the particular segment. Hence, the location of Salesman is captured in terms of latitude and longitude before logging into the mobile app. This is effective for studying timely attendance at the retailer.

Discount and Scheme

Distributor or Industry agent can choose discount and scheme for category of product or can be created at the product price. Admin reserves the right of creation of discount and scheme.


Admin can add targets for Distributor and Industry Agent. These targets can too be applied at item level.


  • Admin and Industry Agent get notifications for receipt of order.
  • Distributor get notifications for new orders, delivered order and pending orders.


Daily Order tracking for receipt, pending and delivery.

Order creation and management

  • Industry Agent and Distributor can take orders through Mobile application
  • Industry Agent get provision to add distributor and retailers
  • Upon receiving Order, Industry Agent gets daily order notification, he can choose to approve or disapprove PO
  • Industry Agent can study his warehouse stock and distributor stock before forwarding PO to distributor
  • Before logging into the app, the location of Salesperson is captured in terms of latitude and longitude. Later, these are can be utilised for understanding the location of Salesperson while checking submitted TA bills.


  • Accurate GPS location tracking for Industry Agent
  • Mobile view for Distributor and Industry Agent and Web View for all users
  • Sale Returns
  • Order History for Distributors and Retailers by Industry Agent on Mobile and Web
  • Order History for Retailers by Distributor on Mobile and Web
  • Photo upload during item return due to damage
  • Order tracking by Admin for Distributor and retailer
  • Android app supported from KitKat and Above version
  • Works even on 2G


  • Easy data Entry
  • Information update on real-time
  • Sales team can track distributor and retailer
  • Visibility of Warehouse stock and Distributor stock to Industry agent when he decides to place order with distributor
  • Automated updating of saleable stock to unsaleable stock based upon expiry date of Product
  • Clear understanding of status of Distributor PO by Industry Agent
  • Automated clearance of TA bills and TA bills listing by Industry AgentAutomated Item Returns handling for Distributor

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